Holy Grail Ceramic Spray

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HGC proudly made in the USA!

*Towel not included*

We all want to take care of our vehicles and until recently wax has been the gold standard for keeping a vehicle looking nice and protecting it from the elements. However, wax has a few big problems:

  • wax can take over an hour to apply 
  • wax can only be applied in cool, dry, shady areas
  • wax turns the plastic trim white
  • wax residue gets in the cracks and is difficult to remove 
  • wax rapidly starts to melt and wear away in the heat (just like a candle) 

Everyone wants take care of their vehicle but who wants to spend over an hour cleaning and waxing their car especially in the blazing summer heat or blistering winter cold?! 

HGC Spray is the solution you’ve been looking for to keep your vehicle looking great all the time. 

  • can be applied in as little as 10 minutes
  • can be applied almost anywhere and even in direct sunlight. Apply it to a clean dry car for protection, use it as a detail spray to clean or as a drying aid to help you dry your vehicle after a wash
  • is safe to use on almost any surface - paint, glass, rims, plastics and won’t turn your trim white
  • won’t leave white residue in the cracks and crevices of your car
  • is an actual ceramic protection that withstands higher temperatures and performs better than any wax or sealant. 
  • can be used as standalone protection or as a maintenance spray for any brand of ceramic coating

 With regular applications of HGC Spray you’ll never need to wax your vehicle again. With each additional application HGC spray will perform better, increase gloss and ramp up the hydrophobic properties of your vehicle.

How long does HGC Spray last? 

One application lasts 3-6 months (depending on vehicle storage conditions and care). 

How long does one 16oz bottle last? 
One bottle is enough to cover your average vehicle 16-20 times 

How do I apply HGC Spray?

simply apply 1-2 sprays to a clean microfiber towel, apply to one panel of the vehicle at a time and wipe to a streak-free shine. Spray - Wipe - Done. Wait at least 30 minutes before getting the vehicle wet to allow the coating time to cure. 

What can HGC Spray be used on?

Almost anything. It’s safe for any automotive surface, use it on your household appliances, outdoor furniture, glass, metal - the list goes on. 

What is different about HGC Spray?

Unlike our most popular competitors, HGC Spray is an an actual ceramic protection. No gimmicks, no fancy miracle water. It does have its limitations but we believe HGC spray is the best protection your vehicle can get short of a professional grade ceramic coating. 

Pick up a bottle of HGC Spray and keep your vehicle in that “showroom shine” condition with hardly any work at all!