Warranty Terms

Holy Grail Ceramics General Warranty Policies:

The following general terms and conditions apply to any and all Holy Grail Ceramics warranty programs.

1. Your warranty term begins from the date of installation of your coating and must be registered by your installer within 2 weeks of application.

2. Any application, re-application, repair work or other work carried out on the coated surface must be applied, reapplied, or repaired by an authorized HGC installer and must be submitted to HGC for approval before the work can begin.

3. Failures, damages or warranty claims must be submitted within 30 days of the event for coverage to be accepted. Any claims submitted 30 days after the incident will not be approved.

4. Warranty does not cover re-application after body work, paint repair etc. from an accident or other such damage

6. Warranty is transferable when vehicle is exchanged through a private party, however, after the warranty is transferred, it defaults to the remaining balance of the term or 5 years, whichever is less. The warranty cannot be transferred when sold to or through a dealership as we cannot guarantee the dealership will not use abrasive cleaners or polishes.

Holy Grail Ceramics or its agents will not accept liability for:

1. Deterioration of factory-installed equipment or any other treated part of substandard specification, materials or workmanship by vehicle manufacturer, their dealership, third-party supplier or modifier, or any work done by non-authorized installers.

2. Pre-existing damage to surface of the paintwork or substrate (rust, corrosion etc) that would lie under the paint and cause the paint to release from the substrate.

3. Any damages or defects that would be covered by a manufacturer's warranty, recall or other manufacturer/dealer coverage.

4. Rock chips on non-PPF applications

5. Water spotting

6. Beading

Ceramic Coating Limited Warranty

Holy Grail Ceramic coatings only carry a warranty when installed and registered by an authorized installer. The limited warranty covers the following instances on all exterior painted surfaces:

  • oxidation
  • UV damage
  • fading
  • bug splatter etching
  • bird dropping etching
  • chemical etching

The warranty can be voided by any use of abrasion such as compounding, polishing, sanding etc. The use of caustic cleaners does not void the warranty but it is not recommended for the best performance. The use of caustic cleaners and/or environmental contaminants may cause a lack of beading. THIS DOES NOT MEAN THE COATING HAS FAILED. Most times, (especially seasonally such as Springtime/pollen season or for those who park outside or near trees regularly) this simply means that there is a residue/oil or contaminants on the surface of your coating causing it to not bead. Please visit your local authorized installer for a decontamination wash with maintenance formula to return the coating to its' original beading capabilities.

Holy Grail Performance / Lustro PPF Limited Warranty

Holy Grail PPF carries a non-transferrable limited lifetime warranty. Warranty covers the following instances:

  • clouding
  • yellowing
  • de-laminating
  • cracking
  • excessive peeling
  • blistering

*The use of drive through washes, caustic cleaners, high PH cleaners or abrasive cleaners will void the warranty on any HGC film. Pairing a ceramic coating with PPF is recommended to help increase stain resilience and film slickness/performance.

HGC Matte PPF carries a 5-Year warranty. 

Things not covered by the HGC warranty:

1. Neglect to maintain the vehicle according to the standards and techniques recommended by your authorized installer. ex: hand washing with de-ionized water

2. Damage caused by sandpaper, abrasive compounds and polishes, any abrasive product and third-party products

3.  Accidental or intentional damage including but not limited to fire, flood, extreme weather conditions, secondary effects that may result from anything mentioned above, or any other "act of God"

5. Failure to repair and re-treat surfaces subject to accident damage in accordance with the warranty

6. Damage caused by any alteration or modification to the vehicle

7. Damage caused by manufacturer’s defects or defected surfaces;

8. Damage resulting from a collision or other vehicle accidents;

9. Abuse of the coating

10. Water-spotting. While water spot etching won't happen with an HGC coating, the calcium and magnesium can still form on top of the coating - and yes, that's with ANY coating - don't be fooled by clever marketing or fancy terms such as "contains 0.0000000001% of "graphene" . Once a water-spot removal wash is completed, the spots will be removed and you'll be back on your way! Visit a local installer should you need a water spot removal.

11. Beading. Beading is not an indication of the coating or film performance status. As throughout many different seasons, the coating/film can accumulate contaminants that will sit on top the coating/film and block the beading properties. A standard decontamination wash will remove these contaminants and restore beading. This wash is not covered under the warranty as it is considered the normal cleaning and maintenance process. 

12. Rock chips or tears in PPF due to rocks. Paint being removed by PPF due to improper painting methods or curing by the painter or factory.

How to void your warranty:

When considering the things that may void the warranty on any of our products, we use the common sense rule. In any case, will do our best in working with your installer to help resolve the issue, however to experience optimal lifespan and performance capabilities it is pertinent to avoid the following:

  • Compounding, polishing, the use of abrasives, abrasive surfaces (such as the magic eraser) or any DIY method involving dryer sheets or any product for that matter that belongs in the kitchen or laundry room.
  • Drive-through or automatic brush-based car washes - depending upon the circumstances, this can void your warranty. Automatic washes should be avoided and can shorten the life-span and/or weaken the strength of the coating/top self-healing layer of your film due to the abrasive nature of dirt, debris/sand that are accumulated in the rollers.
  • General abuse - We're not here to babysit, we are here to keep your car looking great. We stand by our products and have full faith and confidence that they will protect your vehicle from day-to-day events. This does not include the attempt to scramble eggs on your hood, (you know who you are.)

Warranty limits and claims

In the event of a warranty claim the warranty is limited to the following maximums available at the sole discretion of HGC and it's installers and or affiliates. HGC shall not be held liable for any damage, loss or consequence outside the scope of what is listed here:

    • Before a claim is submitted the installer MUST perform a complete decontamination wash including water spot removal to verify the true status of the coating - beading is not covered under the terms of the warranty and can usually be restored with this decontamination wash
    • All claims must be submitted by an authorized installer and approved by HGC in writing before the warranty work can begin. Please take your vehicle to your installer because if you contact us directly, that's what we're going to tell you to do.
    • The warranty coverage is limited to replacing the coating. HGC will provide the product needed to repair the area and the local installer is responsible for scheduling and completing the service. 
    • Upon claim approval, installers will be provided with enough replacement product to repair the affected areas
    • Scheduling repairs and/or maintenance is the sole ability and schedule of the installer. HGC is in no way responsible for scheduling repairs or maintenance.
    • HGC liability is strictly limited to replacing the product that was originally installed. Under no circumstances will there be any compensation, monetary or otherwise to the installer or consumer.