Boat Coat

$35.99 USD

Boat Coat is a graphene based spray coating for marine applications designed to help prevent oxidation, UV damage and staining in marine applications. HGC Boat Coat can be applied to all marine surfaces for complete protection for your entire boat. One 8oz bottle is enough to cover most boats 4-6 times.

Why Boat Coat?
  • Creates an Ultra-Hydrophobic layer of protection for your boats surfaces. 
  • Helps to prevent oxidation, UV damage, staining and more 
  • Simple application that can be done as you are drying your boat after a wash
  • Adds gloss, shine and depth to any color
  • Apply to rods, reels and other equipment without affecting rod/reel warranty or performance
Product Durability
  • Boat Coat will typically last 3-6 months as a standalone product depending on care, washing habits and boat storage


Spray 1-2 sprays of Boat Coat onto a clean microfiber towel then wipe on to the surface of your boat. Coverage will vary, in order to ensure the most even coverage apply in a cross-hatch pattern. Work into surface until it is streak free. If there is visible streaking, use a second towel to remove the streaks before moving on to the next section. Any streaks that are left to cure completely will need to be removed with 70% IPA or our heavy duty boat wash. 

**Mask and/or respirator should be worn
**Use of latex gloves is recommended
**Use of eye protection is recommended


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