The following comprehensive terms and conditions apply to all Holy Grail Ceramics warranty programs. By engaging with our products and services, you agree to adhere to the conditions outlined in this Warranty Policy.

1. Commencement of Warranty

1.1. The warranty term commences from the date of installation of your coating and requires registration by your installer within 2 weeks of application.

1.2. Any subsequent application, re-application, or repair work on the coated surface must be performed by an authorized Holy Grail Ceramics installer, with approval from Holy Grail Ceramics before commencement.

1.3. Failures, damages, or warranty claims must be reported within 30 days of the event for consideration. Claims submitted beyond this timeframe will not be approved.

2. Warranty Transferability

2.1. The warranty is transferable in the event of a private vehicle exchange. However, after the transfer, it defaults to the remaining balance of the term or 5 years, whichever is less.

2.2. Transfer through dealerships is not supported, as we cannot guarantee the usage of abrasive cleaners or polishes by the dealership.

3. Limitations of Liability

3.1. Holy Grail Ceramics or its agents shall not be held liable for deterioration of factory-installed equipment, substandard specifications, materials, or workmanship by vehicle manufacturers, dealerships, third-party suppliers, modifiers, or non-authorized installers.

3.2. Pre-existing damage to paintwork or substrate, damages covered by manufacturer's warranties, recalls, or other manufacturer/dealer coverage are not the responsibility of Holy Grail Ceramics.

4. Coating Limited Warranty

4.1. Holy Grail Ceramic coatings carry a limited warranty covering oxidation, UV damage, fading, bug splatter etching, bird dropping etching, and chemical etching.

4.2. Abrasion such as compounding, polishing, or sanding voids the warranty. Caustic cleaners do not void the warranty but are not recommended for optimal performance.

5. Lustro PPF Limited Warranty

5.1. Holy Grail Lustro Gloss PPF carries a non-transferrable limited lifetime warranty covering clouding, yellowing, de-laminating, cracking, excessive peeling, and blistering.

5.2. Matte and Performance PPF carry a 5-year warranty. Salt Water and Fresh Water Marine PPF carry a 2-year warranty.

5.3. The warranty does not cover oil or gasoline staining caused by spills or the presence of oil on the waterline.

6. Warranty Exclusions

6.1. The warranty does not cover neglect in maintaining the vehicle according to the installer's standards, damages caused by abrasive products, intentional or accidental damages, manufacturer defects, damages resulting from collisions, abuse, water spotting, or beading issues.

7. Warranty Voidance

7.1. Compounding, polishing, or the use of abrasives, drive-through washes, general abuse, or neglect can void the warranty.

7.2. Holy Grail Ceramics reserves the right to deny warranty claims for violations listed in this policy.

8. Warranty Limits and Claims

8.1. Before submitting a claim, an authorized installer must perform a complete decontamination wash, including water spot removal.

8.2. All claims must be submitted by an authorized installer and approved by Holy Grail Ceramics in writing before the warranty work can commence.

8.3. The warranty coverage is limited to replacing the originally installed coating. Holy Grail Ceramics will provide the necessary product for repair, and the local installer is responsible for scheduling and completing the service.

8.4. HGC liability is strictly limited to replacing the coating (product only) and/or PPF that was originally installed. No compensation, monetary or otherwise, will be provided to the installer or consumer for any reason.

8.5. Claim approval is subject to all the terms listed in this document and is at the sole discretion of Holy Grail Ceramics.

9. Note on Paint Pulling

9.1. Paint pulling is a risk when installing any paint protection film (PPF) on any vehicle. It is typically caused by improperly cured or prepped paint. Paint pulling is not covered under the PPF warranty.

This comprehensive Warranty Policy ensures clarity and adherence to the terms and conditions associated with Holy Grail Ceramics products and services.