Holy grail ceramics
Lustro Ceramic

A Lifetime Of Protection

What’s better than a professional grade ceramic coating? An industry leading lifetime limited warranty. Holy Grail Ceramics Lustro is the only coating on the market that doesn’t require ANY special maintenance to retain your coatings warranty. No annual inspection or maintenance is required to keep the coating warranty in place and the coating doing its job.


Extreme Thickness

The multi-layer system used by other coating companies to build coating thickness and increase ceramic protection is now obsolete. The multi-layer system used by others can add cloudiness, installation and curing inconsistencies that can take away from your vehicles finish. The Lustro ceramic coating is the thickest single layer coating on the market. Up to 10x thicker than any other coating, a single layer of Lustro is comparable to up to 10 layers of any other brand. The Lustro thickness was specifically designed to be the perfect balance of protection and beauty without taking away from your vehicles finish.

Designed To Endure

At Holy Grail Ceramics we design each coating individually. This means all of our ceramic coatings have a completely different chemistry and Lustro is no exception. Redesigned from the ground up, Lustro is a completely new breed of coating. This formula allows for unmatched thickness, increased gloss, enhanced slickness and unparalleled protection. This provides protection from fading, oxidation, UV damage, bug splatter etching, bird dropping etching and other chemical and caustic environments that may affect your cars surfaces.

Juicy, Wet, Rich and Vibrant Colors

Everything you love about your color….only MORE. Whether your vehicle is black or a vibrant color, gloss or matte finish, Lustro brings out the best in any color, and keeps them looking great for life! Coatings that require multiple layers can actually add cloudiness and haze to your coating robbing your color of its depth and clarity. The chemistry in the single layer of Lustro provides the same (or more) thickness as a multi-layer coating system without robbing your vehicle of its natural beauty and color depth – even on matte or satin finishes.


Holy Grail Ceramics coatings are all made in the USA