HGC Automotive Ceramic Coatings

HGC Automotive Ceramic Coatings

HGC Automotive Ceramic Coatings


While some rely on multiple ceramic coating layers and maintenance every six months, we at Holy Grail rely on science. Every single Holy Grail coating level has a different formula to provide the required level of gloss, slickness, strength and bonding properties. This is why our coatings don’t require any special maintenance or reloads to retain the warranty. This saves you time and money over the life of the coating – no other coating company on the market is able to offer warranties without any special maintenance reloads.



Ceramic coatings are specifically designed to protect your vehicle from fading, oxidation, UV damage, bird dropping stains, bug splatter stains, chemical etching, caustic chemicals and other environmental hazards that can diminish the look and value of your vehicle’s exterior surfaces. All of our pro-grade coatings achieve the maximum standardized hardness test of 9H.


The Holy Grail spray coating is the perfect way to keep your vehicle looking its best while washing and maintaining at home! This ultra-light ceramic spray is much heavier than a standard wax or sealant and can last 6-12 months. It protects your vehicle from oxidation, UV damage, bug splatters and bird dropping stains.


The Holy Grail Bronze Coating is the gold standard in entry level coatings. While this coating is considered “consumer grade” it out performs every other consumer grade coating on the market. This formula provides an outstanding gloss, great durability and unmatched slickness in its class. The Bronze coating carries a 2 year warranty and can last much longer with proper care and is great for leased vehicles.


The first in our line of professional coatings, the silver coating bonds permanently to the paint work and is the work horse of our lineup. The silver coating is perfect for the everyday driver. While not as slick as the rest of our lineup, it provides a hardness level of 9H, great gloss level and extreme protection from the elements. Includes a 5 year warranty.


The Gold coating from Holy Grail Ceramics is the Gold standard for long-term 9H ceramic coatings. The Gold coating bonds permanently to your vehicles surfaces. It is the second thickest coating we offer and is generally recommended as the best standard coating in our lineup for black vehicles (second only to the Lustro coating). Due to its formula the Gold coating applies 3-4 times thicker than other ceramic coatings. Includes a 7 year warranty.


The best of the standard thickness ceramic coatings, with a 9H hardness. The Holy Grail coating is is the hardest, slickest and strongest standard coating offered by Holy Grail Ceramics. Deepest gloss, best hydrophobic and backed by an industry leading 10 year warranty with no maintenance required to retain the warranty. The Holy Grail has been tested by Boeing and has been cleared for heavy-duty aviation use, which means your vehicle has the toughest protection available. Includes a 10 year warranty.


A new breed of ceramic coatings. The Lustro coating applies 3x-5x thicker than any of our other coatings. This means you get the hardest wearing, thickest, strongest protection on the market. In addition to the extra protection, the Lustro coating carries an outstanding lifetime warranty! Coat your vehicle once and be done with it forever! In keeping with the Holy Grail tradition, there is no special maintenance required to retain your warranty, which no other company in the industry is able to offer. The Lustro coating is the pinnacle of ceramic coating science and technology. Includes a lifetime warranty.


The exterior of your vehicle takes a beating but so does the inside! Help prevent fading, oxidation, UV damage, cracking, peeling and stains with our full line of interior ceramic coatings. Keep your OEM satin finish. Holy Grail interior coating is not greasy or glossy and lasts up to 2 years depending on use and care. The interior coating can be applied to all leather, plastic, vinyl and fabric to keep your complete interior looking new for the long haul!