PPF Training Program *Off-season*

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*Off-season* The average detail shop can add an additional 30%-50% to their gross revenue by adding paint protection film to their list of services. Adding PPF can be cost-prohibitive due to the massive cost of a plotter, tools etc. In order to help our installers get started in PPF, HGC offers pre-cut patterns that can be ordered by request. The pre-cut patterns combined with our training program is a great way for shops to get started in PPF without the initial expense of the plotter.

The HGC PPF training program is unlike any other training program on the market. 

Standard PPF training classes will put you in a room with 10-15 other people and one trainer who has their attention split among the 10-15 trainees. At HGC we believe the training process should be one-on-one, hands on and interactive. This is why with the HGC training program our trainer comes to you. In this program you'll cover everything needed to get start installing PPF at your shop from day one. 

In the course you'll cover:

Prep and cleaning, Patterns/fitting, Pattern installation, Bulk installation, Trim-fitting, Follow ups, Pricing, etc.

We train exclusive with the Lustro line of PPF in either gloss or matte (or both) so you get the best possible experience. This training is for the class only, the film is not included as we will be working with pre-cut patterns or bulking. You will need to provide the location, vehicle(s) and purchase any film for training.


*Also available: Certified Coating Prep/Application + TEP Paint Correction (Thorough, Efficient, Profitable. Contact HGC for more info on available training programs.


**Once your training is scheduled and we have made travel arrangements, this item is non-refundable under any circumstances, the ability to change the dates of the training is at the mercy of the airlines and hotels we have selected. This does not include the film required for training which will need to be purchased separately.**