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5/19/23 - PLEASE NOTE: We are currently experiencing extended shipping times on PPF due to circumstances that are out of our control. Please be sure to order with plenty of lead time. 

Pre-Cut Patterns available upon request. Please send us a message to get a quote on the pre-cut kit for your year, make, model, trim level and coverage requirements.

The holy grail of paint protection film. This is the best premium paint protection film you can get. The highest gloss, best hydrophobic properties, highest clarity and best over all finish available from paint protection film is only available in Holy Grail Ceramics Lustro PPF.

Protect your client's vehicles with HGC Lustro paint protection film.

Lustro is the last paint protection film you will ever buy. Our automatic self healing film does not require any heat to heal away light swirls and scratches over time. Lustro PPF automatically self heals at room temperature so you can always enjoy a swirl-free finish without having to wait on the sun or apply hot water / heat gun. Lustro increases gloss wherever it is applied and has the ability to hide small imperfections in the paint making it the perfect solution for making any car glossier! The Lustro film matches the hydrophobic properties of our coatings so even on a film-only install, you get quality results that last!

Look... we're not going to try to fool you with any rigged videos, heated hoods or other doctored videos that are set up just right to make the product look better. We'd rather give you honest performance expectations. This film self-heals automatically at temperatures of around 75 degrees. While it begins the process instantly, most light swirling is gone in 5-15 minutes without any application of heat.

  • automatic self-healing to approx 90% at room temperature - no heat required
  • extreme gloss
  • super hydrophobic finish
  • anti-fouling
  • Lifetime limited warranty against yellowing, peeling, bubbling and cracking
  • non-yellowing

Lifetime limited warranty covers:

  • yellowing
  • cracking
  • de-laminating
  • bubbling
  • peeling

Ships with Cap sheet for safe transit.

Please advise your clients that using high-PH or acidic based cleaners like what is found in drive through car washes will shorten the lifespan of the film and reduce the warranty coverage from lifetime to 10 years.