HGC Salt Water Marine PPF

$1,495.00 USD

*Special Order Product - Delivers to you in 7-10 business days*

Made for the near shore, the long runs, the deep blue and the shallows, anywhere your heart wants to go, HGC Salt Water Marine PPF provides a new level of protection for your boat against light impacts, scrapes, scratches and more. Keep your boat looking great year round and provide a sacrificial layer to the hull, interior, console, engine hood and any other smooth surface on your boat. 

Why choose HGC Marine PPF?

- average thickness of 15 mils

- self heals light swirling and spider webbing

- 2 year warranty against yellowing, fading and bubbling

- Rated for 100% saltwater use

- 60" x 50ft roll 

- Blocks UV rays


As with any PPF, the surface is somewhat porous. When installed below the waterline the oil, gasoline and other solvents typically found in the marina setting can cause premature yellowing. Any marine rated PPF will have this same issue as PPF is not rated  for solvent exposure. This yellowing effect caused by oil and solvents can be reduced by using a ceramic coating on the water line area. 

When installing below the waterline please be conscious of the water shear from the hull bottom. as water wraps around the hull and is dispersed by the running surface any PPF that is installed in that area may be subjected to extensive pressure on the edges. It is vitally important that any edges below the waterline are heat sealed and allowed the full cure time before being put in the water.