DIY Coating + Prep Bundle

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DIY Coating + Prep Bundle- Available while supplies last.

Treat yourself - Priced at $150 (over $200 retail value), this special has a few essentials to help the DIY detailer get started on optimal prep and coat, just add water! 

DIY Coating + Prep Bundle includes:

-DIY coating bottle (coats up to two standard/small vehicles or one large vehicle)

-1 x Applicator Pad

-McKee's Iron Remover

-McKee's Universal Clay Lubricant (clay not included)

-2 x Super Towel

 *Soap, sponge, clay and bucket not included, see coating installation details below.




Product Details:

1.) The HGC DIY Coating has been meticulously designed and crafted by our chemists to provide the easiest installation possible. In most cases you can still level the coating for up to 10 minutes after application which gives you plenty of time to work on each panel and double check your work. 

Specifically designed for the person who would rather do it themselves, this coating suits even the most inexperienced of hands. Protect your vehicle, get a great gloss, slick surface and hydrophobic finish all from the comfort of your own driveway. Each bottle will coat 2 small vehicles or 1 large vehicle. 

The HGC DIY Coating can last up to 2 years. Lifespan of the coating will be determined by prep work, installation, maintenance and lifespan will vary based on what the coating is applied to - paint, rims, etc. 

HGC DIY Coating can be used on:

  • Exterior / interior painted surfaces
  • Interior hard / clear coated surfaces
  • Rims
  • Plastics
  • Rubber
  • Headlights
  • Aluminum
  • Metal

Installation Tips:

  • Do not apply to hot surfaces
  • Do not apply in direct sunlight
  • Use gloves during installation
  • Apply only to a clean, dry vehicle after clay treatment has been completed 




2.) McKee’s 37 Xtreme Iron Remover solves an issue that plagues virtually every vehicle on the road today – iron contamination. Iron contamination is a real issue for old and new cars alike. A brand new car can have HORRIBLE iron contamination and left untreated the iron particles will cause corrosion to the precious thin clear coat paint that comes on a brand new car. McKee’s 37 Xtreme Iron Remover is the solution to removing iron particles to maximize the gloss potential of your paint!

McKee’s 37 Xtreme Iron Remover is pH-balanced and 100% acid-free, so you can use it on every exterior surface with confidence. Simply spray this powerful cleaner directly onto all exterior surfaces and wait a few minutes for it to turn red as it dissolves ferrous (iron containing) particles, leaving your paint glossy, smooth, and bright. Then, wash your vehicle as you normally would and then apply a coat of your favorite wax or sealant. Your vehicle’s paint will appear glossier than it ever has!

Don't stop at your paint! McKee's 37 Xtreme Iron Remover works wonders on old, neglected wheels too. Years of caked-on brake dust doesn't stand a chance against McKee's 37 Xtreme Iron Remover.

Question: Does using an iron remover take the place of using detailing clay?

Answer: No. Iron removers only remove iron contamination. Iron removers will not remove non-iron contaminants like overspray paint, tree sap mist, industrial fallout, traffic pollution, airborne dirt and other airborne contaminants. It’s still very important to use a clay bar when you detail your vehicle. *If unfamiliar with clay treatments, a professional decontamination and/or clay treatment may be recommended. Visit your installer or local detailer for an evaluation and recommendations for safe decontamination/removal.

Question: Which order do you decontaminate a car?

Answer: You always start with chemical decontamination (ie: Xtreme Iron Remover) followed by mechanical decontamination (ie: Clay Bar). The reason is because if there are any forms of iron contaminants bonded onto or embedded into your car's paint - if you were to remove them with detailing clay, you would risk rubbing them over the paint potentially instilling scratches into the paint. This is why you do the chemical decontamination first, to avoid the risk of rubbing iron particles over the paint and scratching it. *If unfamiliar with clay treatments, a professional decontamination and/or clay treatment may be recommended. Visit your installer or local detailer for an evaluation and recommendations for safe decontamination/removal.




3.) McKee's 37 Universal Clay Lubricant makes detailing clay the safest way to remove embedded contaminants from auto paint. Detailing clay works by pulling contaminants out of the paint. McKee's 37 Universal Clay Lubricant provides a slippery barrier between the clay and the paint to prevent scratching. With McKee's 37 Universal Clay Lubricant and Universal Detailing Clay, your vehicle can have mirror-smooth, silky paint!

Detailing clay is the safest, most effective way to remove embedded contaminants from your vehicle’s paint. The only risk associated with claying is the possibility of creating scratches as gritty particles are pulled out of the clear coat, but the risk is eliminated with McKee's 37 Universal Clay Lubricant.

When detailing clay was first introduced, soapy water was recommended as an adequate lubricant. We now know there are a number of disadvantages, such as the lubricants in the wash may be too diluted by the water to provide any real paint protection. Also, the chemicals used in some car washes may contribute to the deterioration of the clay bar. Using a lubricant specially formulated for detailing clay is the best way to prolong the life of the clay bar and protect your vehicle from scratches.

McKee's 37 Universal Clay Lubricant provides a super slick surface that allows gritty particles captured by the clay bar to glide just above the surface of the paint. It thoroughly wets the paint surface to enable you to rub the clay bar effortlessly.

This VOC compliant lubricant spray contains no gloss agents so you can see the true results of the clay bar. When you are finished claying an area, use McKee's 37 Universal Clay Lubricant to remove any clay residue. It can also be used to remove fingerprints and dust in between details.

McKee's 37 Universal Clay Lubricant is water-based. It will not degrade synthetic or natural clay, and overspray will not affect glass, metal, plastic, or rubber. Use it with McKee's 37 Universal Detailing Clay to create a smooth, silky finish that is completely clean.

Both the McKee's 37 Universal Detailing Clay and the McKee's 37 Universal Clay Lubricant can be mixed and matched with other clays and lubricants without affecting the performance of either. They’re universal!

Experience clean, silky auto paint without any risk. McKee's 37 Universal Clay Lubricant provides essential paint protection during the detailing clay process.


On a freshly washed vehicle, mist a 2 ft. x 2 ft. area of paint with McKee's 37 Universal Clay Lubricant.

  1. Gently rub the clay bar back and forth across the wet area only. It will grab initially. This is the clay grabbing contaminants that protrude above the clear coat surface. When the clay glides freely, the surface is clean.
  2. Wipe off the area with a clean microfiber towel. Use the clay lubricant to remove any remaining clay residue.
  3. Before moving on to the next section, inspect the clay to see if it appears soiled. If so, reshape the clay to reveal a clean side. If you drop the clay on the ground, discard it.
  4. To store the clay, moisten it with clay lubricant and seal it in a plastic bag within its plastic case.



4.) The official microfiber towel of Holy Grail Ceramics. Our super plush 16x16 towel is perfect for installing the coating as well as general detailing work. After the first wash it leaves almost no lint for any application. It's durable enough for use on the exterior yet gentle enough for even the most delicate interiors and softest of black paints.