Paint Protection Film

Holy Grail Lustro PPF

Paint protection film is the best way to protect your vehicle from rock chips, door dings, impacts and road debris. The Lustro PPF provides an outstanding protection while remaining nearly invisible. Unmatched gloss, clarity and hydrophobics, Lustro is also the only readily available automatically self-healing PPF that doesn’t require any heat! Light swirls and scratches automatically heal themselves regardless of the temperature outside!

ceramic coating And PPF

Why Lustro PPF?

Paint protection film is supposed to be experienced but  not seen. Lustro PPF is designed to be as invisible as possible while providing the most comprehensive protection from rock chips and impacts. The 8mil thick Lustro PPF provides the highest gloss and most hydrophobic finish out of all the films in the market. The appearance is designed to match the gloss and finish of our ceramic coatings. 

Holy Grail Lustro PPF

The difference you can’t see – The Lustro PPF matches the gloss, color depth and hydrophobic properties of all of our ceramic coatings so when placed side-by-side, you can’t see the difference. It doesn’t add ANY orange peel texture to your cars finish. The 8mil thick Lustro PPF is self-healing and carries an industry leading lifetime limited warranty against yellowing, fading, peeling, fading and bubbling. Most PPF requires heat to “self-heal” swirls and lines, Lustro PPF has the industry’s most advanced formula which is able to self-heal without any heat being applied. This means you have the best possible look for your vehicle regardless of the time of year!

Ceramic Coating

Holy Grail Blackout PPF

The answer to keeping black paint beautiful. Holy Grail blackout PPF is designed to match the gloss, color and finish of jet black paint. It covers up and hides all of the flaws that are normally associated with black paint. Rock chips, swirls, scratches, bumps and scuffs are all a thing of the past with Holy Grail Blackout PPF. Unlike black vinyl wrap, Blackout doesn’t add any orange peel texture, it self-heals swirls and fine scratches out with heat and because it’s 8mils thick, it also protects your vehicle from rock chips.

satin stealth paint protection film

Holy Grail Lustro Satin Stealth PPF

Protect your satin paint or take your vehicle from factory glossy to a beautiful satin finish. The Lustro Satin Stealth film has been perfectly engineered to provide the smoothest finish available from satin PPF on the market. Other films can finish out blotchy or spotty with the texture and finish and most satin films only carry a 5-year warranty from the manufacturer. With the Lustro Satin Stealth you get a smooth, even satin finish combined with the limited lifetime warranty from the Lustro line of products so you can be sure your investment is protected for life!

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