ceramic coating

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Holy Grail Ceramics

Protecting your vehicles from the wear of every day life. Holy Grail Ceramics provides ceramic coating and PPF protection you can rely on

ceramic coating

Ceramic Coating 100% made in the USA

Professional grade performance at any level. Some coatings focus on gloss, others focus on reflection but at Holy Grail we focus on your vehicle. We believe that the vehicle should be the center of attention, not the coating. All Holy Grail coatings are designed to enhance the look of your vehicle while keeping your car at the center of the show. HGC coatings provide extreme protection while enhancing the beauty of your vehicle. All of our ceramic coatings are 100% made in the USA!

Paint Protection Film

What’s 8 mils thick and keeps your car protected from impacts and rock chips? Lustro PPF! Lustro is specifically designed to be the clearest, most hydrophobic and best performing PPF on the market, HGC Lustro PPF is the best way to show off your vehicle while protecting it from rock chips. Holy Grail Lustro PPF provides the most clarity and highest gloss out of any paint protection film on the market. Best of all, it carries a lifetime limited warranty against yellowing, bubbling, delaminating and peeling. It’s so great, you’ll never even see it!

Become an Authorized Ceramic Coating Installer

Skip the hassle of other coating brands. HGC was designed by installers for installers. It’s specifically designed to provide outstanding results while making your job easier so you can focus on your business and clients. Every coating level is a single-layer application and has the most consistent installation process in the industry which increases your shops efficiency and decreases your headaches! Forget 4+ layers, forget minimum orders, forget monthly minimums forget the headaches and make your life much easier with Holy Grail Ceramics.

Keep Your Vehicle Looking New

Whether you have an exotic or an every day driver, with a Holy Grail ceramic coating is dedicated to providing you with a coating and paint protection film solution specifically designed to meet the needs of your vehicle!

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